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Teaching Portfolio


As an independent teaching artist, I specialize in dramaturgy, which includes analyzing plays, researching historical contexts, and collaborating with directors and actors to help bring the script to life. I approach each project with a deep understanding of the play's themes, characters, and setting, and work closely with the creative team to ensure the production is authentic and engaging.



I am also well-versed in improv, a form of theatre where everything is created on the spot without a script. My classes and workshops focus on building trust, collaboration, and communication skills to create a fun and supportive environment for students to explore their creativity and spontaneity.

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Devised Theatre

Devised theatre is another area of expertise, where the script is created collaboratively by the performers and the director. I teach techniques for generating ideas, developing characters, and creating a cohesive narrative that reflects the group's collective vision and creativity.


Stage Combat

My passion for theatre goes beyond just performing. We aim to teach others the importance of storytelling through movement and work closely with students and professionals to develop their skills in stage combat choreography. Thus far I've choreographed combat for Oliver!Captain Bree and Her Lady Pirates, and several regional competition pieces.


Theatrical Intimacy

I take pride in my commitment to creating a safe and empowering space for our students. This starts with my focus on teaching them how to set boundaries and communicate their needs. I recognize that theater can be a challenging and sometimes intimidating space, but rest assured that I prioritize the well-being of my students above all else. 

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